Want To Start Your Own Blog? Do It By WordPress In These Simple Steps.

Want To Start Your Own Blog? Do It By WordPress In These Simple Steps.


Do you want to start your blog? Instead of creating a website from scratch, it would be better if you do it through WordPress and here’s how.


  1. Purchase a Domain and a Host: A host is a service that runs your website on their servers. On the other hand, the domain is the name that you choose for your website, like Namecheap , we highly recommend that you use SiteGround (Get 70% off using this link) as it’s one of the best hosting services and we use it in our website.


  1. Download and Install the WordPress Software: Visit the WordPress official website and download the WordPress installer. Click the installer and install the software.


  1. Sign-Up With Your Host: Visit your host’s official website and enter the section where they feature their WordPress. You can select any plan from them; however, we suggest that you can go for their $3.95/month plan since you are only beginning. Enter your personal and official information while setting up your account. Once your blog grows, you can scale up to $11 per month. you can use the best Host you could ever use which is my personally using Siteground hosting. 

(Get 70% off using this link)


  1. Make The Necessary Changes: You can also customize your WordPress website according to your choices. You can choose your templates, colors, and designs according to your choice.


And voila! Your WordPress driven blog website is ready.

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